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Tübingen / Jazzclub Tübingen

Live in Tübingen


24.09.2023 / 17:00

Mannheim / Buga Gelände Feudenheim

BUGA 23 Jazzclub


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Gefödert im Impulsprogram “Kunst trotz Abstand” des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg.




Seyda Sibel / Vocals

Antonio Garcia / Vocals

Paul Janoschka / Piano

Simon Zauels / E-Bass

Jonas Esser / Drums

Aus einer Mischung an gesammelten Eigenkompositionen und einer engen Freundschaft zwischen Antonio Garcia und Seyda Sibel startete Brainsail als ModernJazz Projekt. Seitdem formte sich die Band immer weiter in ein Vocal Groove-Jazz Duo.
Die Einflüsse und Vorbilder der beiden Songwriter lassen sich in verschiedenen Genres und Stilistiken wiederfinden, unter anderem in Latein-amerikanischen Rhythmen und Künstler:innen wie Avishai Cohen und Hiatus Kaiyote.

Starting with just mash-ups of the compositions of Antonio Garcia and Seyda Sibel, Brainsail began as a multicultural odd meter modern jazz project. Since then it’s been shaping into a unique Groove/Jazz vocal duo. Their influences vary and drift over many different genres and styles, amongst them the modern jazz scene of Avishai Cohen and co., the soulful experience of bands like Hiatus Kaiyote, and the earthy touch of latin-american rhythms.

Künstlerisches Bild von Seyda Sibel
Antonio Garcia im Profil


Juliana Seib

Juliana Saib is a musician and visuals artist who currently studies jazz piano in Mannheim at the university of music and performing arts. Trying to combine both of her passions, music and art, she started her project “baraban drums“ in 2017 where she painted on drumheads. Since then she was able to do exhibitions in Vienna and Mannheim as well as international painting orders in Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona.

Trying to work further on the interdisciplinary connection between visual art and music, she currently works on animating her drawings to use them as visuals for live performances.
(“Beating” Cover Art and animation)

Isabelle Samper

Isabelle Samper is a colombian/swiss filmmaker who is always drawn to various areas of expression and esthetics.
This took her to a path of experimentation:
in the animation field, from building sets to the editing room, in the music scene by exploring sound design and making music videos, and overall by playing with the borders between fiction and documentary.
(“Fixing a Hole” official Videoclip)

Fabian Macco

Fabian Macco is a german abstract artist.
The visual language and painting techniques are inspired by the works of Gehard Richter.
In addition to the work in the studio, the paintings are also created live on stage and in combination with live music.
This allows the audience to be directly involved in the creation phase of the paintings.
(Cover Art, Live Paintings, featuring in “Just for a While” Videoclip)


Vertreterband der HMDK Mannheim

 beim SWR Jazz College 2021

Stipentiaten der EPK Förderung des Jazzverbandes BW 2021

Vertreterband Jazzahead! 2020/21 für Baden-Württemberg
Vertreterband der HMDK für BTHVN2020

(Beethoven Jubiläums-Konzerte 2020)

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